FIDE XXVI kongressi korralduskomitee jõulukingitus

fide jõul

FIDE Kopenhaagenis toimunud XXVI kongressi korralduskomitee on tutvumiseks ja lugemiseks üles laadinud kongressi kirjalikud ettekanded ning pildigalerii.

Ettekandeid saab arvutiekraanil lugeda siit, trükise saab tellida FIDE XXVI Kongressi leheküljelt.

Kopenhaagenis toimunud FIDE XXVI Kongressi fotogalerii.

Christmas present for you: post congress materials including the keynote speeches from the XXVI FIDE Congress in Copenhagen. 


The speeches from the following sessions have been collected in a “fourth volume” that supplements the printed Congress Proceedings:

This fourth volume can be downloaded from our website free of charge.


It is also possible to order extra copies of the Proceedings. Price: DKK 200 / EUR 30 per volume + shipment. To order, please contact: Jette Nim Larsen. Please include invoice and shipment details.


See a selection of photos from the XXVI FIDE Congress taken by the professional photographer Lizette Kabré. 

Kind regards

Professor in EU Law, Dr. Ulla Neergaard
President of the Danish Association for European Law
President for FIDE 2013-2014
University of Copenhagen


Associate Professor in EU law, Dr. Catherine Jacqueson
General Secretary of FIDE 2013-2014
University of Copenhagen